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Day to day observation


Choose a medium that can be easily transported every day and note down what you see, what you cautiously observe, what you hear, what thoughts go through your mind.
A notebook is a marvelous memory keeper because it allows you to report experiences through which it will be clearer to recall a fact, a discovery for the observer, and even the creator’s somewhat fleeting ideas. 
Notebooks are also a living and personal testimony through which we forge a personal style over a long term and they reveal this evolution when we flip through them.
I regularly acquire some by choosing a specific paper quality, a format (nomadic and practical), and a finish (cover and binding). 

You can see through this page examples of daily researches.
You should acquire a notebook tomorrow and practice everyday this way of thinking. It’s a kind of « bouffée d’air pur » for your brain !

Just below, extracts from my notebooks.


Annotating with color


Eugene Delacroix’s sketchbooks are interesting examples of annotated drawings. Gouache and watercolor spot highlights complete his imprints with information useful to the full comprehension of a scene or details added after the image is finished. Color can not only be used as an important part of the image but also for means of indication just like stage directions inform us about what is being acted in front of the spectator in a play. In such instances, the sketchbook becomes more of a tool of documentation concerning the trip than a simple testimony.

From my book 'Pour le dessin / For drawing'.


Exploit composition in order to make the reader’s attention travel and enhance certain details


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